• Turning
    Travellers into Shoppers

Welcome to OCHI
Brands always want to move with their audiences ; and advertisements through transit media ensure a captive audience out of home. With the expansion in services in the metros and innovations in this medium, radio taxis are gaining increased acceptance as an effective mode of consumer engagement.
OCHI is the new generation of smart ads that is here to revolutionize the way you look at advertising.
With the help of practical application and utilization of wireless technology, We bring you an array of offers to target your audience.

What We Offer

We are an in-vehicle tab and will narrate your brand story. OCHI acts as a multipurpose platform where you can showcase your brand story, video commercials or a walk through to promotional activities – we serve you all !

OCHI also enables brands to connect to their customers on one to one basis.

Why Us

  • According to studies, the average time taken per ride is not less than

    30 Minutes

  • So, on an average, customers spend almost



    of time in 10,000 cabs each day in a single city.

  • And we found that


    of these passengers pass their times, doing absolutely nothing!

OCHI comes here – to turn these passengers into your potential customers.

Imagine, if you had 2.4 million minutes per day to engage these passengers with your brands. You get – quality time, undivided attention and great interactions.

Turn travellers into shoppers


  • Banners

    Get your product featured on 10 secs static digital banners which come with attractive visuals and designs. Give your customers an exclusive brand speak.

  • video commercials

    Mesmerize your customers with 20 second muted video commercials. Similar to television commercials, you can showcase your brand story, walk - through or the likes

  • Interactive Banners

    Interact with your customers with our innovative, touch enabled 30 seconds digital banners. Create an instant interaction with your customers and turn them into leads.


Here at OCHI, we offer just not next generation ads but also technology at its best.

  • The media content is stored locally on the tab and doesn’t need constant internet connectivity.

  • Tabs automatically refresh their content based on your preferred geographical locations.

  • Easily available on
    our Cloud Server.

  • On per impression basis, all the format of digital ads will be played on the running vehicle.


At the end of every journey there is another journey waiting to begin.

So come be our co-passenger in the revolutionary world of smart ads.
Together, Lets turn travellers into shoppers.